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Power ECU Remapping

Radical Power ECU Remap is designed to fully unleash the full potential of your engine it can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles. Ideally used in situations where the extra power and torque is required for example moving extra heavy loads, running optimised acceleration, experiencing a wider torque window, or simply to enjoy your vehicle.

How do we make all this new Power

We can find all this un-tapped power from the software that is installed in your vehicles ECU. We take a copy of the software and modify it to the choice of remap you have asked for, we then reinstall the modified software back into the ECU whilst retaining a original copy of the vehicles software. We will never tune a vehicle over and above its tolerances, but there is so much un-tapped power in every vehicle out there. Here are some of the parameters that we adjust to achieve the transformation of your vehicle:

  • Up to 30% Increase in Power
  • Up to 35% Increase in Torque
  • Up to 10% Increase in MPG
  • Smooth Power delivery no more turbo lag
  • Towing Becomes Effortless
  • One hour 30 mins to install
  • No External Signs of Tuning
  • 14 Day money back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Software Warranty

  • Ignition Advance at Part Load
  • Ignition Advance Limiter
  • Ignition Advance During Acceleration
  • Cam timing
  • Lambda Sensor
  • Injection at Part Load
  • Injection at Full Load
  • Boost Control
  • Boost Limiter
  • Load v Throttle
  • Load v Throttle (Auto Gear)
  • Specific Air Mass Meter
  • Torque Limiter, RPM Limiter

Key Points:

  • Significant Increases in Engine Power!
  • Custom ECU Remapping From £250
  • KTAG Anti-Tuning ECU Remapping available with ESD Protection!
  • ECU Cloning Now Available!
  • DPF Cleaning From only £299! Oil & Filter Change Required After Clean
  • Huge Increases in Torque through out your engines rev range.
  • Increase Your MPG Helping you Beat Increasing Fuel Costs.
  • Safer over taking and much better towing capability.
  • Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3 Tuning Available.
  • Mechanical & Electrical After Remap Break Down Warranty Avaliable!
  • Breakdown & Recovery Available!
  • ECU Repairs & Postal Remapping just pop your ECU in the post.
  • We Tune your Vehicle for Life! It will Never need Re-tuning again.
  • Mechanical Repairs and Servicing also Avaliable!
  • Full Diagnostic Service Available & Speed Limiter Removal.
  • ‘Customer Advice’ ref: Vehicle Recalls and Manufacturer known problems!

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Price £250

14-day money back guarantee and 2 redo’s and a return to original if required.

All our ECU remaps come with a lifetime software guarantee. Additionally, if you do not experience any improvements stated, we offer a seven day money back guarantee. We also offer our customers a ‘Optional Extra’ this is our Mechanical & Electrical 12 month or 30,000 mile Break Down After Remap Warranty’ which gives you total peace of mind for Qualifying Vehicles!

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the best possible aftermarket ECU tuning solutions for their vehicle coupled with outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on giving our customers world leading ECU remapping solutions, giving you the performance advantage. Just look at our ‘Customer Testimonials’ to find out why are customers are enjoying the benifits that our ECU Remapping service provides.

This is known as the chip-in your vehicles ECU. Stored on the chip is data or maps which control fuelling, ignition timing and turbo boost settings amongst others. When we carry out ECU remapping we are basically altering these maps to optimise the engines performance. The biggest Power, Torque and MPG gains can be achieved from Turbo Diesel and Turbo Petrol engines.

After every Radical Remap we like to accompany you as you test drive your car. We believe the best way to show you our confidence in ECU Remapping is to be with you when see the results for yourself. It’s this part that makes our job worthwhile, and we truly enjoy knowing you are 100% happy with the changes before any payment is taken! Please feel free to ‘Contact Us’ if you have any questions or enquiries.

The Hidden Dangers! of Diesel Tuning and Remapping. A few things to Consider before Purchasing a Remap.

Radical Remaps guide to professional Custom ECU Remapping. I have included this information on our website due to the huge increase in our company repairing sub-standard Remaps. We our now repairing more and more Ecu’s due to cheap substandard remapping being carried out by so called professional remapping companies.

We normally repair 2-3 ECU’s a month because people are getting sailed down the river when it comes to Custom Remapping. Some of the work that we have seen lately has been unbelievably BAD. I will give you an example of a customer who contacted me and explained that he had his car remapped by a well known remapping company 2-3months ago and the vehicle seemed to be going into limp mode and loosing power and producing lots of smoke!

He explained that he had taken the vehicle to a diesel repair specialist to determine the problems they then started to try and eliminate the defects by changing different sensors, EGR Valve and so on. This was unsuccessful the problem still remained. We said that I would need to take a copy of the file that was installed on his ECU so we could determine if the Remap he had done was suitable for his vehicle.

We took the copy and found that the Remap had many defects that were, contributing to the bad running and performance of his vehicle. We found that the turbo boost was turned up, but the Turbo limiter was not adjusted! The Torque limiters where turned up to far as much as 45% to much. Fuelling was not adjusted the list went on. We had to totally Remap the vehicle so all of the problems where sorted out and we put the ECU software back to the tolerances to suit the vehicle CUSTOM REMAPPING.

The up shot of the above example is that the customer had to spend more money trying to chase down the problem by changing sensors and so on, with no success he had to pay for another Remap as well. The original price for the sub-standard Remap was £200. The cost of changing engine parts £550. The cost of our custom Remap fix was £275 the total cost is you can see was very expensive.

There are many other examples but I hope that this information will help you the customer to make a informed decision and choice before you Remap your vehicle by someone that is just too cheap! A normal Custom Setting file price for a given vehicle can range from £100 to £160 this is the cost to any legitimate tuner before they do any tuning. The setting file gives the tuner access to the vehicles ECU. So if someone quotes you £100 – £150 for a full custom Remap there is something wrong!! Given the ‘Setting File’ costs, advertising costs, fuel costs £150 will not pay for the latter. So how do they get around this, well its easy give the customer substandard re-used maps thus negating the setting file cost, now he is in profit of £100-£150.

What is a Setting File? ‘ECM Titanium’allows the user to work on injection, ignition (real degrees of advance), boosting parameters, correction maps, rev./speed limiters avoiding problems tied to map locating. This is possible by the “SETTING FILES” which locate the data set areas containing all the important parameters controlling the engine workings

It is prudent to ensure you are getting good backup and after sales support. Simple things such as:

  • 7 day no quibble trial period so you can test in your own time.
  • Lifetime warranty on the product against corruption or other defect.
  • A Optional Comprehensive Machanical & Electrical after remap Warranty.
  • Easy access to your original calibration file if you need it.
  • Fuel economy improvements guaranteed if turbo diesel powered.

Finally, your installer should be able to give you the telephone number of the actual file calibrator if it isn’t himself.

That way you can call him and get some information as to their credentials. Please take care out there… don’t be the next customer whom comes to us to get their ECU working properly again after someone has damaged it with cheap tools, ECU tuning inexperience and Cheap re-used files.