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Welcome to Radical Remaps who Specialise in ECU Tuning across Devon & Cornwall

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Winter Mapping Deal!

Engine Performance Remaps 20% off Now on OBD and 10% off on K-Tag…

Radical Remaps now offering 20% off remaps Stage 1-3 and 10% off K-Tagging. all remaps include a diagnostic check on the vehicle for any underlying issues that could effect the map. to book please contact us today…

ECU remapping, power remapping &  economy remapping in Exeter.

Great Rates For Trade Customers Call For More Info

At Radical Remaps we are passionate about Ecu remapping. Do you want to remap a Car, Van, Truck, Or even a Boat, Bike, and Tractor, for more power and economy? Radical Remaps will remap any vehicle PETROL or DIESEL, TURBO, or STANDARD as long as we can download the ECU data and talk to it.

Radical offer bespoke power ecu remaps, economy remaps, Radical also include EGR Removal, (Speed limit adjustment and Rev Limit adjustment) *Subject To Vehicle Specification*

Radical offer many tuning Stages for many modifications. Bigger Turbo, Bigger Intercooler, De-cat exhaust, Custom Cat back Exhaust

Radical covers Devon & Cornwall and surrounding areas fully mobile with a bespoke door to door service to a location and time to suit you.

Please fill in the Contact form with required services, and we will contact you straight away.

2 weeks ago

Radical-Remaps Exeter

Another one in from today, BMW X3 3.0 diesel for a stage II power/economy map. Book yours now on 01392 696696 😊 ...

Enjoyed remapping this lovely transporter. Customer has had it over 10 years and now he wishes he remapped sooner! Don't hold back you won't be disappointed 👌 ...

Enjoyed remapping this lovely transporter. Customer has had it over 10 years and now he wishes he remapped sooner! Dont hold back you wont be disappointed 👌

3 weeks ago

Radical-Remaps Exeter

Do not miss outJULY OFFER!!! 😎☀️🤯
Call today 01392 696696
Now offering COLLECTION service during school holidays, within 5 miles.
Up to 20% off ANY mechanical works. INCLUDING REMAPPING
MOT £25 when booked with any service, or £35 on its own.
Safety checks and level checks are FREE!
Diagnostic sessions are £20 inc VAT
Air-con regas available here
Recommend friends and family to receive a thank you gift!
Can not beat having a reliable car in this gorgeous weather!

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ECU Cloning

We are pleased to let all our customers know that we are now able to ‘Clone’ your vehicles ECU. If your vehicles ECU has suffered from damage, we can remove the software from the original ECU and clone it to a donor ECU. The advantage of this that we can save you £100’s as the cost of replacing an ECU can be very expensive!


Here at Radical we can diagnose your vehicle if you have an engine management fault or the car is not running as it should.

We always check your vehicle with our state of the art diagnostic equipment before we carry out any remapping work to see if there are any underlying problems with electronics or vehicle sensors etc.

ECU & OBD Remapping

ECU is generally a data table of parameters that the ECU uses to compare against its sensor inputs prior to making decisions on making real time adjustments of the engine.

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