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Radical Remaps - ECU Software Tuning in Cornwall

Performance and Economy remapping for Petrol and diesel engines

Radical Remaps – Cornwall began in 2012, with the vision of having a reliable remapping service where customers can be at a personal level, where the phone is always answered (when possible) and assistance is given, whether related to remapping or not, customer relations is extremely important to us, and we’ll do what we can to keep that.

We offer a mobile based service throughout Cornwall for virtually all production vehicles on the market today. Being Mobile means less premisis overheads, yet all the neccesary precautions and warranties in place, meaning the discounts can be lowered onto you, creating an affordable and reliable service.

Radical Remaps – Cornwall is about understanding what is required from the remap, its not just about hitting maximum BHP figures, its about the Driving, having a vehicle where it drives how its meant too.

To get this, we look at induvidual driving styles and try to give our opinion on what would be best for you, we then add on top our 30 day money back guarentee, so if its not what you want, you can let us know so we can get it right.


Would you like to know what can be achieved? Contact us using the form below.


All our ECU remaps come with a lifetime software guarantee. Additionally, if you do not experience any improvements stated, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We also offer our customers an ‘Optional Extra’ this is our Mechanical & Electrical 12 month or 30,000 mile Break Down After Remap Warranty’ which gives you total peace of mind for Qualifying Vehicles!

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible aftermarket ECU tuning solutions for their vehicle coupled with outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on giving our customers world leading ECU remapping solutions, giving you the performance advantage.


Change your Car without changing your car!

Fulfil your vehicles potential from £179


What to expect from us

We will not give unacheivable figures to appear better than our competitors, we will only quote realistic figures that are safe for your vehicle, we will tell you if the possible improvements are minimal and are not worth doing, and after all, if your not happy with our work then we can return the vehicle to its original map and refund the cost

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Radical-Remaps Exeter

Amazing! Cannot recommend the service enough!We are now offering an amazing ECO Premium Service. The results are phenomenal for Petrol & Diesel cars. With our new TUNAP Engine flush treatment your oil system will feel brand new. We also send you home with a can of TUNAP fuel system cleaner for your fuel tank. This is ONLY £20+VAT on top of a standard service! Your car will be healthier than ever. Please call 01392 696696 or message for more info, however the proof is in the pictures below! You will not be disappointed! Especially while our offer of £20 off a service is still going this is pretty much free!! While it lasts 🙌 ...

Amazing! Cannot recommend the service enough!

Christmas Treat - Remap your Car for BHP & Torque Gains, not only that it improves MPG on an average between 8-15% depending on the vehicle. Call us now on 01392 696696 Quote 'Facebook' to receive 20% off your remap. Offer is on until 23rd December 2018. *This is not in conjunction with any other offer* ...

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