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BER EU Block Exemption Rule: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_Exemption_Regulation_(EU)


Block Exemption Regulation is an exemption in a business line or industry, which debars organizations in the industry from some business activities in order to create competition. The regulation is highly known in the automobile industry due to the effect caused by the BER regulations from the European Commission.[1][2] BER has changed the automobile industry in the last decade.[3] Prior to 2003 automobile owners in the EU region risk nullifying their vehicle warranty when the vehicles were serviced or repaired in workshops not belonging to the vehicle manufacturer or its dealers. This barrier was broken in October 2003, when the European Commission (EC) passed a law allowing vehicle owners the freedom of having their servicing and repairs done at their chosen workshop.[4]


According to the UK Department of Business Education & Skills, the empowerment created by this law provides competition in the automobile industry as vehicle owners now have the opportunity to repair and service their vehicle at alternative workshops to the automobile manufacturers. BER provides automobile users the flexibility and benefit to reduce the amount spent on servicing, thereby providing consumers more choice and better value for money.[5]


VAG ( VW, Audi Group) Recall on 170 bhp Diesel Engine Models: The problem lies with the Fuel Injectors and Wiring Harness. Dangerous issue as some customers have reported erratic idle and Power & MPG loss on motorways very expensive to fix but VAG are fixing the issue for free if the car is under warranty or not: Please follow link for more information!

We would also suggest that you ask for a DPF Regeneration: Due to over fuelling with bad injectors!



All DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Vehicles: This is a well known problem with Diesel vehiles fitted with a DPF. They are a huge problem for customers and lead to very exspensive replacements & vehicle problems. Some vehicle manufacturers do not cover a replacement under warranty!. Please follow link for more information.



VW Coil Packs Issue's: A very common problem on the VW Golf GTI petrol models a cheap fix but very frustrating, misfiring and bad power delivery are common indications that there is a problem with the coil-pack Please follow link for more information.



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CGON Green Fuel Technology

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