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Custom ECU Remapping Price Options

Please find our price list below:

OBD II RemappingThis mode of tuning normally takes around 1 hour to complete and can be done mobile. This type of remap is limited, as we are not able to access all parts/sectors of your vehicles maps which we use to increase Power, Torque & MPG. You will find most remapping companies use this mode of remapping.

Option 1: Budget Remap - This option covers OBD only remaps with no-frills there is no money back guarantee available on the option Price £175. 

Option 2: Standard Remap – This option covers OBD & Ktag ECU remapping this option comes with a 14-day money back guarantee and 2 redo’s and a return to original if required. Price £250.

Option 3: Premium Remap – This option covers OBD & Ktag ECU Remapping this option comes with a 30-day money back guarantee + Mechanical & Electrical Break down warranty if your vehicle has covered less than 90k miles. The option also comes with interest free finance if required for 12 months in addition you will have access to our priority booking service. Price £350.

Ktag Bench Advanced Remapping requires the ECU to be removed from the vehicle which normally takes 2-3 hours to complete this mode of tuning. This type of tuning can only be carried out at our tuning centre in Exminster. With this mode of tuning we can now access all parts /sectors of your vehicles maps this means a much better remap can be achieved! 

Option 1,2,3 Aditional prices - EGR Delete £50 / DPF Software Delete £50

Postal Remapping Service

With many new Diesel & Petrol vehicles their ECU may have to be removed to be chipped so with our postal remapping you can now send us your ECU, the ECU will then be tuned and posted back to you all from £250-£350

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CGON Green Fuel Technology

CGON Green Fuel Technology

3 Reasons To Remap

  • 25% More Power
  • 30% More Torque
  • 20% Improve Fuel Economy

The above are based on a typical turbo diesel engine

14 Day Money Back

Engine Remap 14 Day Money Back

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